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A History of Dubzart

A little while ago we wrote about a concert we presented at the Harwich Festival entitled ‘Outrageous Performances – Dubzart’. Bella Tromba performed a follow up show at the Beautiful Days Festival and are now looking to develop this concept further.

The genre Dubzart refers to the fusion of Classical Mozart motifs with the electric dance music idiom, Dubstep. It’s an idea that has been developed from an initial concept by the London Mozart Players, a chamber orchestra that Jo plays with sometimes.

The credit for the original concept must go to John Bownas, a press officer for Croydon Council by day with a background in the music industry. He was elected to create the borough’s entry into the Lord Mayor’s New Year’s Day Parade.

John Bownas says:

Wanting to promote the borough and do something a bit differently to the usual entries I looked at what Croydon’s musical heritage was and came up with two obvious thoughts. Firstly the London Mozart Players who are a tremendous asset to the borough and are internationally recognised, and secondly Dubstep, a musical genre that has swept the world after it’s birth in a now-closed record shop in Croydon’s Surrey Street Market.
It just took a few phone calls to get four of the London Mozart Players brass section into a room with Toby, a 16-year-old budding DJ and producer.

You can see the results here.

So from John Bownas’s initial idea Bella Tromba’s in house arranger Becca Toft  worked alongside Sound Artist Chris Bartholomew and drummer Adam Morris to create a 45 minute set that balances pre planned compositions with the impact of live brass and drums. Beat-lead tracks from South London’s electronic dance music fuse with live Classical musicians and prominent sub bass frequencies.

After our performances at the Harwich and Beautiful Days Festivals we are now keen to look at other potential venues, the more unusual the better!